The Best New App For Gluten-Free Living!


Find out what's safe to eat in an instant simply by scanning a barcode

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Create lists to organise and share your discoveries

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Read articles, learn great new recipes and discovery great new health tips

The Best New App For Gluten-Free Living!

Your Personal Consultant

Gluten-Free Living can be challenging...

The Allergy Project makes every day living a breeze!

Do you find shopping for food to be a chore since you were diagnosed with a Gluten Intolerance? Not sure what's safe to cook for friends and family?

The Allergy Project helps make your gluten-free life easier.

Scan whatever barcode you like when grocery shopping to get real time feedback on what's safe and what isn't. Save and share lists with friends, family and other users. Learn more about living with Celiac's and how to cook up great meals yourself

Adapting to gluten intolerance can be tricky, but with The Allergy Project at your aide you can concentrate on living life!